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What is Instagram Comment Picker?

Instagram comment Picker is a tool developed to make Giveaways a lot easier that is happening on any specific Instagram Account. Therefore, the use of this tool would be ideal for a particular type of user.

Anyone running a website based on Services, Brands, or businesses, these are the type of profiles who can easily take benefit of this Tool. On the other hand, those using Instagram as an influencer can also use it for the giveaway purpose. Usually, a random Instagram user who comes to the platform to watch Stories, IGTV, or anything else would not find it helpful. However, the remaining users who are coming to the platform for business or promotion can easily use it.

The best thing that needs to be mention here about the IG comment picker is that it’s free. You don’t have to pay a single amount penny to use it. Plus, the entire procedure of selecting a winner for the giveaways is automatic. There are specific criteria defined in this tool that you have to select along with posting the GiveAway URL. The rest of the thing will be the responsibility of this tool.

It makes your life relatively easier. Why? Because there are thousands of users, who would comment on the giveaway post depending upon the requirements you have set. Therefore, checking all of the comments and then identifying the winner would probably take days or months. But, this tool will do everything in minutes for you. Hence, it would be quite an effective and time-saving option for you to use this tool.

Another important thing that you must know about Instagram Comment picker is that it will only work with Business Accounts. So anyone who is using a random Instagram account cannot attain the benefits. Meanwhile, you have to integrate it with the Facebook page as well. So considering that is also important.

Things That Are important for an Instagram Give Away:

Select a Goal:

Most of the time, the Instagram Give Away host doesn’t think about what they are putting over the board for the user or viewer who reaches to the GiveAway. During these situations, it becomes quite hectic for a host and the performers to understand the results.

If you want to cope with such situations and don’t want to make the same mistake, then you should pre-set the experience, service, or product you are considering giving away to the person. In simple words, it will be regarded as the prize. Then, depending upon the goals, you can select the prizes accordingly.

Let say a person has approached you to partner with them for a product they are launching. In that situation, your goal should be to promote a similar product by running a Giveaway where a user who will win the competition will get a similar product as a prize. Similarly, you can consider the same goal for anything else as a prize. Also, you may be starting your own business and want to promote the product or service to the user. In such situations, you can define the prize similarly.

Plan It Sensibly

The goal of Running an Instagram Giveaway Is to get a proper outcome when it ends. Therefore, you need only run a giveaway when the product or service you want to promote shows relevance. Always try to choose a not expensive price depending upon the type of business or service running behind. Consider these things when you are doing it for yourself. However, please don’t give that much importance to this factor when you are doing it for someone else as the one who is offering you the product or service will have to be responsible for the outcomes. Also, discuss these things with the client before running the giveaway. Ethically, you should need to put your 100% in getting adequate results.

Set up the Entry-criteria:

Setting up the entry criteria is an important thing when you want to run a successful campaign. Everything will be pretty easy for you to achieve through the relevant criteria. For example, let say you want to run a give away where the main focus is to attain reviews for a specific product that is available on a product website or anywhere else; here, your ultimate focus should be to tell the participants that they have to give a review on the product and take a screenshot of the review and later post it to the comment.

Everything is under your control to do the experiments. First, however, you should perfectly set the entry criteria that can easily benefit you for the same purpose of running it.

Use Hashtags:

The game of Instagram of running campaigns or showing it to as many viewers as possible is through the hashtags. Every time a person types something on the Search bar, the results that appear on the screens are shown with the help of highly relevant hashtags used for it. Therefore, you should also consider a hashtag for the giveaway to attain positive results.

Set up a Time Limit:

You would have to end up Give Away by selecting the Winner. Therefore, it has to be run for a determined period. It would help if you mentioned it in the Description section or the Picture or video section in advance because it usually brings curiosity to the mind of participants. Therefore, they react to the giveaway quite passionately and instantly, which can help you in different ways.

How does Works?

Welcome to those who have taken the time to consider as the ultimate support for their successful giveaways. Also, thank you to those who have taken the time to read this most important section of the article. is pretty easy to work with, and the facilities you will get with this tool will be entirely free of cost. All you need is to open the Home Page, where you will see the Features.

First of all, Copy the link of the Giveaway Photo or video and paste it on the section where it’s determined. There are few functions available below for you where you can set up the no of mentions and Winners. You can also identify the winners by putting the hashtag that is used on the giveaway. So, anyone who has not used it in the comment section will be thrown out of the selection list. Also, you have the option to remove duplicate comments. In the end, click or tap on the Start button.

The tool will then start working on the requirements you have set. The whole procedure will take some time, and it will automatically show you the winner of the giveaway. Now, you have the option to directly announce the winner or take the screenshot of tool data and post it with the announcement.

What are the functionalities available for the Giveaway user? How does it work?

You have already read about the few functionalities like No of mentions, Hashtags, Winners, and Remove duplicate. But, you may not be sure what are the purpose of these functions. So, let us tell you briefly about it.

No of mentions:

No mentions are helpful in such situations where you want to increase the reach of the giveaway. Therefore, you probably specify the no of mentions in the giveaway rules section. However, many people violate these rules and exceed the mentions guidelines. Here, you can filter out those contestants to kick them out of the giveaway by using the no of mentions function. It will automatically remove all those participants who have exceeds the no of mentions and violating the rules.

Hash Tags:

Hashtags are essential, as we have told you earlier in the article. Hence, it will be vital for you to consider only those people who have used the right hashtags and supported the giveaway for the proper purpose. Therefore, you can use the Hashtags function and put all those hashtags that are mandatory to use. If anyone has not used hashtags or used irrelevant hashtags, they will automatically be kicked out of the giveaway competition.


You have specified the no of winners in the Giveaway post on Instagram. Therefore, you must need only the same no of winners in the end. Whether it be one, two, three, or hundred, you can easily set up the same thing through the Winners function.

Remove Duplicates:

The remove duplicate is an outstanding functionality that has provided for the hosts of the giveaway. It removes all those persons who are not following the rules and commenting more than once. But, unfortunately, it creates duplication issues, and the giveaway tends to become a sort of non-fair situation. Covering that issue, remove duplicate automatically removes all those participants from the winner list to make it a fair play for everyone to win the prize.

How to do Marketing for Instagram Giveaways?

You are already doing marketing of a specific product or service through GiveAway. But, what are the other marketing options that you are missing? Well, there are many things in terms of marketing that every giveaway host tends to neglect, which is a very unfair and bad approach.

In general, you are running a giveaway on Instagram. Therefore, your most focus will be to promote it inside the platform. However, many participants don’t use Instagram a lot, and they might be the ones that can benefit the whole purpose of the giveaway. So, ignoring them would make it a daunting experience for you as well.

To cope with this situation, you should choose multiple social channels to perform the marketing of the Instagram Giveaways. Yes, you have to promote it on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. In general, whatever platform you are using, make sure to market the giveaway information on it. It will bring those neglected yet important participants towards the Giveaway post.

In this way, you can attain two benefits. One is that the post's reach will increase; however, the second benefit is that the possibilities of ideal participants who can later convert for the campaign you have set will come to the giveaway post.

What are the Instagram Features that you should use for the Giveaways?

In a research, it’s found that most of the users on Instagram spend most of their time seeing the stories and reels features. Therefore, if you post a video or photo of a giveaway on the business account, chances are higher that most people might not see it. For that reason, you should need to put the detail of the Instagram Giveaway in the Story section. Then, anyone who will see the stories will come to the post. Also, you can use the Instagram reels option by promoting the giveaway through a short video. In the description, you can use hashtags that can attract other participants to the giveaway post.


After reading the whole thing, you may conclude why it is essential or beneficial to use First of all, this platform is run by Jahasoft. Pk, which is a notable Software firm working for customers throughout Pakistan. Even they are providing soft skills to international clients. Moreover, they are also registered in Pakistan as a verified Software house or IT company.

Considering all these things will provide you easiness that any data you will put on the Tool will never be compromised. Also, any of the employees working in don’t have the right to access it for whatever reasons. So here, it becomes a primary consideration for you to have it as a trustworthy and quality service for yourself.

In the past, most of the giveaway hosts had to lose a lot of things by using anonymous comment picker tools, which pretty much made situations alarming. However, this tool runs under the supervision of Jahasoft. Therefore, Pk will never bring you the same experiences.

On the other hand, since a top-notch IT firm creates it, this tool's result accuracy is also outstanding. Furthermore, you will always get adequate data for the campaigns that you have set up for giveaways. Therefore, you should never have to worry about anything at all. In the last, it’s a free tool but the most reliable one you will ever find on the internet.